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VAC-Family-500x403Rugged, Stable Capacitance Manometers For Process Vacuum Measurement

Brooks digital capacitance manometers incorporate industry-leading features that combine to improve measurement reliability, minimize drift, resist diaphragm contamination, and minimize thermal effects. The result is an exceptionally reliable capacitance manometer family for all vacuum measurement applications.

An important benefit of a Brooks capacitance manometer is its advanced Mark-IV sensor. The sensor chamber contains surface areas that are not used in the pressure measurement; these surfaces provide locations for particles and condensable vapors to accumulate without affecting the sensor, dramatically reducing the need for re-zeroing and greatly extending sensor life. The sensor diaphragm is made from corrosion resistant Inconel®.

Because they are fully digital devices, Brooks capacitance manometers operate over a wide dynamic range with extremely good accuracy.

VAC-CMX-500x333XacTorr CMX Series (Heated Gauges)
The XacTorr CMX series gauges are premium, heated gauges, that use patented, dual zone heating to ensure 0.1oC temperature uniformity. The sensor very quickly recovers from thermal events and is virtually immune to ambient temperature changes. Three operating temperatures are offered, 45C, 100C, and 160C with full-scale measurement ranges from 100 milliTorr to 1000 Torr.

The gauges include an RS-485 dataport that enables in-situ monitoring and troubleshooting without disturbing communication with the vacuum chamber control system. XacTorr CMX devices offer RS-485, DeviceNet, or analog 0 ? 10 Vdc communication.

VAC-CMC-500x333CMC Series (Unheated Gauges)
CMC series gauges are compact, economical un-heated capacitance manometers that feature a robust all-welded construction and Inconel® sensing diaphragm. The device's electronics are temperature compensated to minimize drift due to ambient temperature changes.

The CMC series is available in full scale ranges from 10 Torr to 1000 Torr and offer 0-10 Vdc I/O.

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