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General Purpose Flow Controllers & Flow Meters
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TMF-SLA5850-w-Coplanar-Hero-200 With the largest installed base of thermal mass flow controllers and flow meters around the world, Brooks offers products with faster response, better accuracy and improved control over analog devices.
  • Industry-leading repeatability ensures a stable process even under changing conditions
  • Self diagnostics and alarms eliminate downtime
  • Multiple communication protocols allow easy integration into many control systems
  • Analog I/O devices allow for quick and easy system integration
  • Elastomer seal option provides exceptional leak integrity and maximizes control valve shutoff dependability
  • Globally approved for a variety of service areas

The Smart Link Advantage (SLA) Series is Brooks' premier smart digital thermal mass flow series. SLA mass flow controllers and mass flow meters link to advanced service tools and offer the advantage of digital protocols. The SLA Series provides many advanced features such as enhanced temperature stability, zero-drift diagnostics, coplanar valve for improved turndown, and more.

The 4800 Series features a broad flow range, compact size and MEMS-based sensor that provides lightning-fast response times.

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