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Low-Flow, Glass-Tube Flow Meters
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The name Sho-Rate™ has meant reliability and performance for decades now and the 1350 and 1355 Sho-Rate variable area meters continue to deliver industry leading performance for gas or liquid flows today. Their robust and proven engineering ensures reliable indication and unsurpassed service life. Sho-Rate flow meters pioneered the concept of field-replaceable tube and float kits and, if necessary, the tube and float can be replaced in-line in a matter of minutes. Now Brooks introduces the new 1250 and 1255 Sho-Rate. These glass tube flow meters offer an easy-to-read rotating magnifying glass, making it the ideal choice for display on panels and cabinets.


1350/1355 Sho-Rate
Rugged and Durable

  • Integral needle valves on inlet or outlet
  • Integral flow controller that compensates for varying inlet or outlet pressures
  • 316 stainless, brass, aluminum, or Kynar construction
  • Custom scales for any application

1250/1255 Sho-Rate
Ideal for Panel Display

  • Intergral needle valves on inlet or outlet
  • Direct read scales for common units and fluids
  • Easy change design allows quick interchangeability of tube assemblies
  • Rotating lens allows 180º view with magnification
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