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Pressure Gauges
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PR_Pressure_Gauge_S122The Brooks Instrument Series S122/C122/F122 pressure gauges provide extremely reliable local indication of gas pressure in a durable, corrosion-resistant 316L stainless steel construction. These 2 inch dial gauges offer accuracy of 1% of full scale. The gauges are cleaned for oxygen service and suitable for high purity, high cleanliness, and harsh service applications in gas panels, gas cabinets, valve manifold boxes, process analyzers, and more. Offered in a variety of pressure ranges, process connections and socket orientations, Brooks pressure gauges are used in many industries including semiconductor, LED manufacturing, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, water treatment and other industries where cleanliness, durability, and reliability are paramount.

Brooks Instrument also extends the utility of the pressure gauge line by offering an Indicating Pressure Switch, the IPS122 , and Indicating Pressure Transmitter, the IPT122. The IPS122 provides both local indication of gas pressure and solid state alarm switch that can be used to power remote alarm indicators. The IPT122 provides both local indication of gas pressure and the ability to generate a voltage or current analog signal proportional to gas pressure. Both the IPS and IPT are certified intrinsically safe for use in hazardous areas.


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