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Turbo Molecular Vacuum Pump
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The magenetic passive bearing reduces vibrations, maintenance and power consumption to minimum; ceramic balls minmize centrifugal forces acting on the bearing and reduce rolling friction.

The very high rotational speed allows to optimize pumping speed, compression ratios and ultimate pressure.
The magnetic bearing also ensures very low contamination of Vacuum by hydrocarbons.

Only the long life ceramic bearing is permanently lubricated and sealed, so nomaintenance is required

The Elettrorava ETP60 GM is a small high performance turbomolecular pump equipped with a passive magnetic bearing and a maintenance-free ceramic ball in order to have a very long life and great reliability. The new pump rotor and stator design gives superior vacuum performance (60 l/s nitrogen pumping speed and 10-10 mbar ultimate pressure)and the magnetic bearing ensures very low hydrocarbon contamination of the vacuum.

The ETC60 controller is a microprocessor based frequency converter with self diagnostics and protection features. The 1/4 rack mountable has a multifunction alphanumeric diagnostics and protection features. The 1/4 rack mountable has a multifunction alphanumeric display with the operational status of the pump and diagnostics. The controller can be connected to a PC with optional RS232 port.

Two families : standard and corrosion resistant pump with purge gas inlet to protect the bearings.

Unique Computer Aided Designed blades graded from open in the hight vacuum stages to closed in the low vacuum stages, in order to optimire pumping speed and compression ratio.

Low vibration and noise obtained with computer balancing of rotors.
Hight Compression Ratio for light gases.

Totally Hydrocarbon-free light vacuum.
All models, up to 1000 l/s, are available with oil or grease lubrication.
Elettrotava Turbomolecular Pumps Technical Data

According to the DIN28428 standard, the ultimate pressure is the pressure measured in the standard test-done after a maximum bake-out period of 48 hours at maximum temperature of 300 and after a maximum cooling-down period of 48 hours.

The backing pump is a two stage rotary vane pump. The intake flange seal is of metal. Ultimate pressure and compression ratio may vary for Corrosion Resistant Turbomolecular Pumps.
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