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Two-Channel Thickness/Mass/Rate Monitor
The STM-2XM is the next generation rate/thickness monitor from Sycon Instruments. Implementing features only available in more expensive and complicated controllers, the STM-2XM is the perfect instrument for semi-automatic deposition control and monitoring. The STM-2XM can manage simple “single sensor” processes as well as more complicated co-deposition and alloy processes. The STM-2XM features a high contrast LCD display and an intuitive scroll-box / spin-knob menuing system. The STM-2XM was designed to be user friendly, with features such as “on-line help”, context-specific menus, and “hints” on the operating screen.
· Same high speed, high accuracy measurement engine as our controllers
· Temporal averaging for superior accuracy even at very low rates
· Spatial averaging for superior accuracy in large chambers or while using planetary fixtures
· Independent mode allows the STM-2XM to function as two completely separate monitors
· Shutter delay for precise control of film quality
· Rate sampling capable, greatly extends crystal life for thicker films
· Advanced alloy mode includes linked shutter delay capability
· “Time/Power” feature allows films to complete even with a crystal failure
· Rate, thickness, and rate deviation graphs
· Displays units in mass or thickness
· 8 programmable digital inputs, 8 programmable digital outputs, and 4 analog outputs
Multi Mode Operation
· Single film mode (“Simple”)
· Backup mode (crystal switching)
· Spatial averaging mode
· Alloy mode
· Independent mode (two monitors)
Thickness Resolution (no averaging)
· 0.0133Å per measurement
Rate Resolution (no averaging)
· 0.133Å per second
Thickness Resolution (50 sample average)
· 0.002Å per measurement
Rate Resolution (50 sample average)
· 0.02Å per second
High Accuracy
· 0.03 Hz / meas., 2 ppm relative
High Speed
· Ten measurements per second Measurement Range
· 500KÅ Aluminum Equivalent
Analog Output Functions: Four -10 to +10V Analog Outputs
· Computer-controlled
· Rate
· Rate deviation
· Thickness
Relay Output (freely assignable): Eight 1.5 Amp SPST N.O. Contacts
· Manual (front panel)
· Source shutter
· Substrate shutter
· Crystal shutter
· Crystal fail
· Setpoint time
· Setpoint thick
· Good rate
· Computer-controlled
Remote Input: Eight TTL Compatible inputs
· Open Shutter
· Close Shutter
· Zero Thickness
· End Thickness 0.000 to 999.9KÅ
· Setpoint Thickness 0.000 to 999.9KÅ
· Timer 0:00:00 to 9:59:59 h:m:s
Power Requirement
· 120/240 VAC 50/60 Hz 2.5 VA
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