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The EBS-530 Electron Beam Sweep Controller embodies a brand new design using the latest technology.
The powerful calibration technology compensates for and eliminates distortion regardless of e-beam gun configuration.
The EBS-530's variable spacial energy distribution easily eliminates tunneling when using either built-in or user-defined patterns.
User-defined patterns are fully parameterized, greatly simplifying programming.
The EBS-530 incorporates power factor correction, and "Class D" output maximizes coil response.

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Electron Beam Sweep Controller
The Sycon EBS-530 Electron Beam Sweep Control generates a large number of precision sweep patterns for use with electron beam deposition sources. The user may select from the basic shapes (Circle, Figure-8, Line and Point) provided, or create user-defined patterns to optimize deposition control of metals and dielectric materials. Variations on the basic shapes can be created by applying the provided pattern modifiers. Pattern modifiers provided include power, sweep frequency, rotational speed and power profile.

Selecting or programming these sweep patterns is easily accomplished through the user-friendly front-panel touch screen LCD display. Up to 32 different sweep patterns can be stored within the unit. These different patterns can easily be selected from the front panel, remotely through back-panel remote input, or through the standard RS-232/RS-485 interface.

Starting with a fixed set of basic sweep patterns that are embedded in the Sweep Control, the user can design E-beam sweep patterns that are ideally suited to the characteristics of the source and deposition materials. The sweep patterns generated within the unit produce dual current outputs which can drive the X and Y sweep coils of most electron beam deposition sources.

The EBS-530 provides a calibration function to compensate for differences between types and brands of e-beam guns and provide optimum heating of the deposition material.
• Powerful, easy to use calibration function allows compensation for irregularities in gun magnetics
• High Output Current: 0 - 5 Amps AC with 10 Ohm loads
• Drives Grounded or Floating Coils
• High Frequency Response: 500Hz for coils < 8mH, 200Hz for coils = 33mH
• Pattern Types: Circle, Fig-8, Line, Point and User
• PS2 Mouse / Remote Input· RS-232/RS-485 Communications Inputs
• Input Power: 85 to 265VAC, 50/60 Hz
• Power Factor = 0.99 at Maximum Coil Current
Coil Output Current
· -5.0 to 5.0 Amps peak per coil (3.5A rms)
Coil Configurations
· 2 coils with one side grounded2 coils with each side floating
Output Frequency Response (X and Y)
· 500 Hz for coils<8mH200 Hz for coils=33mH
Maximum Coil Impedance @ 5 Amps Peak
· 10 Ohms
Nominal Cable Length
· 20 Feet

Pre-defined Patterns
· Circle, Line, Figure 8, Point
User Patterns
· 32
X/Y Points per User Patterns
· 255 maximum

Pattern Parameters
· 0-110%
Power Profile
· Vary current density according to 1/RX
· Circle, Line, Figure 8, Point, User-defined
Spin Speed
· Rate of shape rotation
Shape Speed
· 0-1000 ms – the time needed to draw the shape once

User Interface
· 240 X 64 backlit LCD touchscreenDedicated system keys
Mouse/Remote Input
· PS2

Digital Input
· Pattern Select (1 of 4 or 1 of 32): Sweep On, Sweep Off, Interlock
Input Rating
· 5-36VAC/DC isolated or grounded non-isolated, contact closure
Digital Input Functions
· Safety/Water Interlock
Relay Rating/Output Functions
· SPST, 30V DC or RMS, 2 AmpSweep Ready, Sweep On
· RS-232/RS-485
Operating Temperature
· 0°C to 50°C
· Forced air, one internal fan
· 3.5in x 16.9in x 11.5in
· 10 lbs.
Input Power
· 85 to 265VAC, 50/60 Hz460 VA (10 Ohm coil R, 5A peak current in each coil)
Power Factor
· 0.99 at maximum coil current
Regulatory Compliance

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