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EBS 530
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The EBS-530 Electron Beam Sweep Controller embodies a brand new design using the latest technology.
The powerful calibration technology compensates for and eliminates distortion regardless of e-beam gun configuration.
The EBS-530's variable spacial energy distribution easily eliminates tunneling when using either built-in or user-defined patterns.
User-defined patterns are fully parameterized, greatly simplifying programming.
The EBS-530 incorporates power factor correction, and "Class D" output maximizes coil response.

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E-Beam Source Rotation Controller
The SRT-422 E-Beam Source Indexer provides accurate, reliable rotation control of multiple-crucible electron beam sources. The standard unit is designed to work with a variety of e-beam sources with internal 4 to 1 rotation reduction. Crucible pocket location patterns are provided which cover the majority of e-beam source designs. The unit consists of two components: 1) a remotely-mounted control panel and power supply and 2) a compact stepper motor drive unit.

The compact motor drive unit supports applications where space under the base plate is at a premium. It attaches to the air side of a standard rotary vacuum feedthough. The indexer can be controlled automatically from deposition controllers (like Sycon’s STC-2000 series), manually from the front panel or remotely from system controllers. The RS-232 interface is included as a standard feature.

The indexer controls pocket sources in either a unidirectional or bi-directional manner. In the bi-directional mode it is programmed to take the shortest direction to the next pocket. In the retrograde and continuous-trough configuration the speed of rotation is selectable. Interlock signals are provided to prevent rotation of the multi-pocket while e-beam power is applied, and to prevent powering of the e-beam until the pocket is in the proper location. Custom variations are available for unique pocket patterns.
· Easy Mounting
· Remote display
· Supports a variety of pocket configurations
· Up to eight pockets bi-directional
· UHV four-pocket sources and continuous trough source
· RS-232 interface with easy communication protocol
· Connects to Sycon controllers through I/O interface
Rotation modes
· 3 to 8 pocket source (uni- or bi-direction)
· Continuous trough source (1 of 7 speeds)
· UHV pocket sources (limited rotation)
· 4 - 3 pocket ‘banana’ types
Rotational speed
· Shaft speeds of up to 8.5 rpm
Path finding
· Quickest path (CW, CCW) for multi-pocket source
· 120 in-oz. at output shaft
· 1 degree resolution and repeatability
Data interface
· RS-232
Relay interface
· Allows control from system or deposition
Manual control
· Inputs/outputs for Remote Manual Control Panel
Safety interlocks
· Disallows rotation with beam power applied
Pocket Good indication
· Indicates selected pocket is reached or retrograde motion is in progress.
· 5.0w x 5.0h x 4.5d plus 1” shaft extensions
· 3.5 lbs
Power requirement
· 115/230 Volts ac/10 watts

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