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SYCON INSTRUMENTS: Thin Film Deposition

Sycon Thin Film Deposition products offer high accuracy and flexibility with great value. Sycon monitors and controllers deliver greater accuracy than similarly priced products from other sources. Windows software is standard with Sycon Thin Film Deposition Products.

The STM-2XM provides Sycon's traditional high-accuracy measurement with two-sensor concurrent display capability.

The STM-1 provides high accuracy, low cost, and an integrated oscillator is available.

The benchmark for deposition monitoring, thousands of STM-100 monitors are in use world-wide. Add the SHMX module for multi-film capability.

The input/output flexibility of the STC-2000A and STC-2002 set an industry standard. They can control multi-film, multi-source, multi-sensor systems (including multi-crystal heads) and allow spacial averaging for planetary systems. Optional software is available to autonomously monitor and log depositions to disk. Non-sequencing software is also available for simple applications.

  • STM-2XM
  • Two-Channel Thickness/Mass/Rate Monitor

  • STM-2
  • USB Thin Film Thickness/Rate Deposition Monitor

  • STC-2000A
  • Deposition Rate Controller

  • STC-2002
  • Expandable Thin Film Deposition Controller

  • VSO-100
  • In-Vacuum Sensor-Oscillator Package

  • STM-100/MF
  • Thin Film Deposition Thickness/Rate Monitor

  • STM-1
  • Single Board Thin Film Deposition Thickness/Rate Monitor

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